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Global Water Crisis

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effecting life on this planet now . . . and in the future.
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Water is essential for life. We need water to digest food and eliminate toxins and waste from our bodies. Water regulates our temperature, protects our organs, tissues and transports oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies. Water lets us grow and heal. Helping to prevent diseases such as kidney stones, cardiovascular-related illnesses and obesity.

Doctors and nutritionists regard pure water as the best drink for our bodies. Around the world, research evidence indicates that tap water can be impure. And there's no assurance that bottled water is any safer. Clearlly disposable water bottles are not "green friendly". . . they contribute to global warming . . . which results in more frequent and severe droughts . . . making the water crisis even worse.

Clean, pure drinking water is needed throughout the world and is quickly becoming the most highly prized resource of all.

  • 97% of the earth's water is in the oceans . . .
    but It is undrinkable and unusable for most culinary and commercial purposes.
  • Only 3% of the world's water is fresh . . .
    with 2/3 of that being locked in glaciers and polar ice caps.
  • Of the remaining 1%, about 1/2 is located beneath the earth's surface.
  • The other 1/2 is found in rivers and lakes . . .
    with a significant percent severely polluted or biologically contaminated.
  • Pollution has begun to reach our underground water as well.
  • Plastic bottle production and disposal contributes to global warming.
  • Global warming is causing more frequent and severe droughts.

Pollution In Our Drinking Water

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other environmental groups have commented on the shocking and dangerous state of public water supplies. They have said that the water quality in many of our public water supplies is being degraded by chemical, biological, and physical contaminants. Drinking ordinary tap water can be potentially fatal to people with a weakened immune system. Children, expectant mothers and the elderly are in greatest risk.

As the news of this water crisis has spread, there has been an explosive worldwide growth in the sales of both bottled water and filtering devices, There is however, no assurance that bottled water is safe; and furthermore, of the over 2,000 different filter models sold to the public, only a handful actually remove all of the parasites, viruses, bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals that may be present in tap water. Cryptosporidium Parvum, for example is one of the protozoa, which most water systems are incapable of removing. This is the same parasite that killed 104 people and made 400,000 ill in Milwaukee.

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that in the US alone . . . more than 900,000 people become ill each year from water borne disease . . . and as many as 900 will die. As bad as the situation is in the United States, it is worse in many other developed countries and to an even greater degree, second and third-world countries.

Continually, on any given day, more than 1/2 of the earth's human population is ill, with the majority of these cases caused by waterborne contaminants. The World Health Organization of the United Nations estimates that 80% of this illness is caused by contaminated drinking water. Many countries throughout the world, not just third world countries, have inadequate water treatment facilities, or a complete lack of treatment facilities.

It is becoming clear that new technologies are needed in every segment of the water treatment industry: agriculture, horticulture, food processing, industrial waste treatment, public water supplies, and sewage treatment. These systems must be environmentally-friendly and rely on methods and processes that are not chemically based.

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG)

Fortunately, there is a new technology that offers a remarkable solution to the global water crisis. Using their revolutionary patented technology, AWS has introduced two product lines of AWG's which convert ambient atmospheric water vapor into potable water. In other words the AWS techology produces fresh pure drinking water . . . out of thin air.

  1. Home Systems:
    Dewpointe® - Atmospheric Water Generators
    • DH10 - Stand Alone Model -produces 28 Liters (7.4 gal) /day $1995
    • DK11 - Countertop Model -produces 17 Liters (4.5 gal) /day $1595

  2. Commercial Systems:
    Cloudburste® - Atmospheric Water Generators
    • CH200 -produces 200 Liters (53 gal) /day $22,777
    • CH500 -produces 500 Liters (132 gal) /day $35,954
    • CH1000 -produces 1,000 Liters (264 gal) /day $94,335
    • CH3000 -produces 3,000 Liters (793 gal) /day $161,317
    • CH5000 -produces 5,000 Liters (1320 gal) /day $296,746

Dewpointe® Atmospheric Water Generators

The DH10 and DK11 represent the latest generation in the Dewpointe® product line of Atmospheric Water Generators designed for use at home. Equipped with AWS's most advanced proprietary technology, both models extract, filter, treat and purify water . . . from the air we breath . . . They provide pristine, sparkling clear water in the purest form - similar to the crystal-like dew found only on the purest mountain tops.

Both Models include:

  • An extra set of filters
  • FREE shipping to your home (continental USA)
  • Factory Warranty (3 years parts, 90 days labor)
  • Air2Water - drinking water Air2Water - drinking water
    DK11 - Countertop Model
    DH10 - Stand Alone Model
    Download the DK11 Owner's Manual

    Download the DH10 Owner's Manual

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    How Depointe® AWG's Work

    The Dewpointe® AWG is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective appliance that creates drinking water out of the abundant supply of moisture in the atmosphere. It uses the most advanced water purification technology available to ensure a dependable production of the world's purest water for your home or business.

    The Smartpointe™ System in every AWS machine continually monitors the temperature and relative humidity to calculate the dew point and then regulates the system's compressor, and even shuts it off if conditions are not optimum, to save energy. In just five stages, the Dewpointe® transforms atmospheric moisture into delicious, rain-fresh drinking water!

    STAGE 1: Air Filtration

    • Air enters the Dewpointe through a specialized filter that removes 93% of all air born particles including: pollen, dust, pet dander, mites and microbes.
    STAGE 2: Condesnsation

    • The clean humid airflow then comes in contact with a series of specially designed condensing coils, which rapidly chill it to "dew point" (the temperature at which water in the air transforms from vapor to liquid).
    • Condensed mositure then collects on the coils, which are covered with an FDA approved food-grade coating to prevent potential metal from leaching into the water.
    • The extracted water then drips down off the coils into a collection tank (the bottom tank) which pumps it to an advanced multi-stage filtration system.

    STAGE 3: Purification

    • The water passes through 5 specialized filters:
      1. Pre-Carbon Filter: 1 Micron polyfiber sediment filter removes chemical and organic compounds.
      2. Post-Carbon Filter: 1 Micron GAC (granular activated carbon) filter removes over 90% of any volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that may be in the water.
      3. R/O (Reverse Osmosis) filter:
        • A pore size of .00001 microns provides sub-nano meter filtration, which removes virtually all bacteria and common viruses as well as mineral salts, heavy metals and organic compounds.
        • Uses "Zero waste" technology so that water which can not pass through is recirculated back into the bottom tank.
      4. TCR (Total Contaminants Removed) filter:
        • Has GAC media to further polish the water (for taste and odor removal).
        • Contains remineralization beads to add minerals back to the water and buffer the pH after the R/O stage.

      5. In-line UV: An 11-Watt UV lamp destroys all microorganisms present in the water on the way up to the storage tank (top tank)

    • This comprehensive purifying system provides unparalleled removal of contaminants and microorganisms. At this point, the Dewpointe®s water is 99.99% pure.

    STAGE 4: Water Storage and Temperature Optimization

    • The purified water is then pumped up to the stainless steel storage tank, which contains a second UV lamp.
    • The hot & cold water lines pull from sealed stainless steel hot and cold holding tanks, providing chilled and hot water on demand.

    STAGE 5: Recirculation

    • The DH10 is the only AWS on the market that deploys a full recirculation system.
    • Using AWS's proprietary WPS™ (Water Polishing System) all stored water passes through every filter every two hours to insure water purity and quality from the first to the last drop.

    This revolutionary technology is helping to meet the growing demand for economical, good tasting, quality drinking water. Atmospheric water generation is a green friendly, alternative water source, for anyone who wishes to maintain control over their own pure water supply. The DH10 and DK11 have been designed to perform at optimum levels, producing high quality water while consuming minimal electricity.

    Water produced by the DH10 and DK11 water generation machines are pure and safe for human consumption and exceed the established U.S. and international Public Health standards, including NSF 53, which is the top U.S. benchmark for drinking water. The NSF 53 standard requires the removal of volatile organic chemicals. VOCs such as ether, which have proven extremely difficult to remove by filtration methods of the past, are not present in the water generated by the AWS water generation machine.

    AWS uses the following technology in their Atmospheric Water Generation systems:

    • Smartpointe™ System . . .
      The Smartpointe™ System in every AWS machine continually monitors the temperature and relative humidity to calculate the dew point and then regulates the system's compressor, and even shuts it off if conditions are not optimum, to save energy.
    • WPS™ . . .
      WPS™- is AWS's proprietary "Water Polishing System" which recirculates all stored water through every filter every two hours to insure water purity and quality from the first to the last drop.
    • AWCS™ . . .
      AWS' Adaptive Control System defines the environmental conditions at which atmospherice water generation will take place. AWCS™ establishes a minimum efficiency level for water creation. This technology increases the efficiency of all AWS machines by utilizing a two-stage cooling mechanism to allow a tight regulation of condensation coil temperatures. More efficiency means less energy consumed.
    • HEMDS™ . . .
      AWS' High-Efficiency water condensing Motor Drive System utilizes a much simpler motor speed digital circuit that is tailored to the requirements necessary for atmospheric water generation. This allows for an overall reduction of cost and design complexity resulting in an increased lifespan of our internal components.
    • REM*H2O™ . . .
      AWS' proprietary REM*H2O™ software allows continual remote analysis of water quality, water production, energy consumption and equipment efficiency analysis between our commercial CLOUDBURSTE® systems and any office or field location.

    Cloudburste® Atmospheric Water Generators

    AWS has a Cloudburst® model for every industrial application.
    All Cloudburst® models come with: