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Cloudbruste® Specs

Cloudburste Model CH200
Cloudburste Model CH1000
CH200 $22700, CH500 $35,954
(discounts available for 5+ units)
CH1000 $94,335, CH3,000 $161,317, CH5,000 $296,746
(discounts available for 5+ units)

The CLOUDBURSTE features the newest technology in atmospheric water generation

High-efficiency atmospheric water generation apparatus

This technology increases the effciency of all AWS atmospheric water generation systems by utilizing a two-stage cooling mechanism to allow a tight regulation of condensation coil temperature without resorting to the use of complex and expensive inverter compressor techniques.  Conventional atmospheric water generation turns a refrigeration compressor off and on such that the condensation coil temperature remains below the dew point.  With the traditional approach, the temperature can go well below the dew point resulting in inef?cient operation.  High-effciency systems use a variable speed compressor to tightly regulate the condensation coil temperature just below the dew point.  This new approach trades the increased cost and complexity of a variable speed compressor for increased effciency.  Our technology uses a conventional refrigeration compressor operating in the off/on control mode to cool an intermediate ?uid reservoir.  Fluid from this reservoir is pumped at a controlled, variable rate through the condensation coils such that the temperature remains ?xed at just below the dew point.  This allows close regulation of condensation coil temperature while using conventional refrigeration technology.

Adaptive control strategy for atmospheric water generation

State-of-the-art systems allow the user to define the environmental conditions at which atmospheric water generation will take place.  These systems will only attempt to generate water when the relative humidity is above a threshold level  This establishes a minimum effciency level for water generation.  While this approach insures a minimum ef?ciency, it is our intent to take this a step further.  Our invention generates water when the conditions are best rather than simply good. To do this an internal microprocessor continually records the daily humidity and temperature measurements and selects the optimal time to operate the machine.  This smarter approach further increases the effective ef?ciency and ultimately reduce the cost of generating water.

High-efficiency water generator motor drive

Maximizing the effciency of atmospheric water generation systems is critically important to our customers.  Getting the most water per unit energy is the figure of merit for which AWS will be judged.  The electronic circuitry necessary for variable speed compressors and air circulation devices involves considerable complexity and cost.  The circuitry converts fixed frequency alternating current power from the mains to direct current and then back to alternating current with a variable frequency.  Driving compressors and fans/blowers with this variable frequency power allows the speed to be adjusted.  Rather than adjusting the frequency, our motor drive invention utilizes a much simpler motor speed adjustment circuit in conjunction with a control strategy that has been tailored to the requirements necessary for atmospheric water generation.  This combination allows for an overall reduction of cost and complexity.

Self-Cleaning atmospheric water generation system

Minimizing the requirement for periodic maintenance and system cleaning is necessary for widespread market acceptance of our equipment.  Currently, atmospheric water systems require customers to clean various tanks, trays and delicate coils more often than desired increasing maintenance time and costs.  Our innovative approach reduces periodic cleaning by continually and automatically disinfecting all water contact surfaces without user intervention.


Humid inlet air enters the unit through a set of louvers where it passes through an air filter and comes into contact with the water condenser coils.  These coils are cooled to just below the dew point temperature of the inlet air by an industrial refrigeration system. Water condenses on the coils and is collected, is pressurized and passed through a series of filters to remove sediment and chemical contaminants. The water is subjected to high intensity, broad spectrum ultraviolet light (UVC) to destroy microbial organisms and pathogens prior to flowing out of the unit for storage and distribution.

Cooled, dry air flowing past the water condenser coils is drawn across the compressor by an array of venturi fans to make contact with the refrigeration condenser coils. These coils recover a substantial portion of the thermal energy left over after the water condensation process. The now warm, dry air is exhausted through another set of louvers on the opposite side of the unit. 

Periodically, the unit will sanitize all the water in the system using the AWS WPS™ (water posing system) process.

  The operational control and monitoring of the status of the unit is performed using a computerized systems analysis program and interactive display.or wind power.


  • Each CLOUDBURSTE® is custom engineered and manufactured to exacting specifcations for each location and customer?s needs.
  • Each CLOUDBURSTE® is "custom tuned" for each geographic location to maximize water production and minimize energy consumption.
  • Every CLOUDBURST® is simple to operate and easy to service.
  • AWS can provide on-site assistance in installation, service and training.
  • AWS provides a 24 hour service "hotline" so no matter where a CLOUDBURSTE® is installed, technicians will be available for telephone assistance.
  • The CLOUDBURSTE® is designed both for permanent and mobile applications.
  • The CLOUDBURSTE® may be powered by standard electrical current or may be supported by gas generators, solar or wind power.
  • The CLOUDBURSTE® features the most durable and sold construction for indoor or installations.
  • AWS provides technical assistance to design and construct solar and alternative energy power for each CLOUDBURSTE®.
  • Every CLOUDBURSTE® meets or exceeds all international quality standards for water and electrical safety including UL, CE, CSA, FDA, NSF, FCC, and HACCP.
  • Every CLOUDBURSTE® contains proprietary microcomputers and software that constantly analyzes temperature and humidity conditions to maximize water production and reduce energy needs.
  • Every CLOUDBURSTE® is constructed from the strongest possible thick-walled welded tublular steel, uses industrial grade cushioned compressor mounts and insulated stainless steel panels to provide the maximum possible lifespan.
  • Every CLOUDBURSTE® is protected by the best warranty in the industry: up to a limited 5 year parts, 10 year compressor, and one year labor.
  • Every CLOUDBURSTE® features our patented self-cleaning WPS™ (water polishing system) technology reducing maintenance costs and insuring consistent water purity and quality.
  • Replacement flters are inexpensive and easy to replace.

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