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Manufacturing Facilities

AWS manufactures water generation machines in state-of-the-art facilities renowned for the quality manufacture of water purification equipment and appliances. AWS water generation machines are manufactured to the highest IEC 60335-2-15 standards.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure for Optimum Results
AWS possesses a wide range of specialized facilities to produce high-end water treatment systems. Catering to rapid developments in China, we have invested significant resources in developing new production facilities in Pudong, Shanghai, effecively tripling our production capacity. These new facilities also serve as our sales and servicing centre, and administrative hub for our fast-growing China operations, including representative offices in Guangzhou and Hebei, and a subsidiary in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

AWS Manufacturing FacilitiesClean Room
High Purity work requires components manufactured under rigorous supervision in a clean-room environment. To achieve this, AWS has a 2300 ft2 Class 100K Clean Room in our Chinese factory for fabrication. Welding of High Purity piping and fittings takes place in our contaminant-free clean room. At this facility, high purity air is maintained through sophisticated cleaning and monitoring mechanisms. Stringent measures like steam cleaning, are taken to keep minimum contamination levels for components entering the assembly area. Additionally, we have a Class 100 movable laminar flow bench for the manufacturing of high purity systems under extremely precise conditions for high-end processes.

All manufactured components are specially sealed and packaged to maintain cleanliness. Strict cleanliness guidelines are enforced by regular inspections carried out by our Quality Assurance Officers.

AWS has laboratories China and Korea fitted with the latest in laboratory science. We provide water analysis services and conduct problem-solving procedures at our laboratories through the use of sophisticated testing equipment such as COD analyzers, spectrophotometers, oxygen meters and turbidity monitors.

Computer Assisted Design (CAD)
To ensure high levels of precision detailing in our design plans and piping circuits, AWS utilizes dedicated engineering software and a CAD automation for the design of our plants and systems.

AWS Fabrication and Assembly Fabrication and Assembly
Our workshop facilities are the centre of action in our production process to ensure utmost in customization. At AWS we design and fabricate our own system parts and components, often starting from scratch. All aspects of the production process are controlled in-house to ensure that we save on middleman charges for our clients and deliver to them only the most cost-efficient of solutions. Our fabrication yards in both China and Korea contain high-precision machining centres. Most of our products are intentionally engineered on a modular basis within the carefully controlled environment of our workshops. This achieves multiple benefits - exceptional quality control of the manufacturing and fabrication process, a significant reduction in time spent during installation and minimization of construction complications.

Specialized Arsenal of Equipment
Our fabrication capabilities are completed by our arsenal of sophisticated welding equipment. Our range of equipment includes state-of-the-art Orbital, Infrared PVDF, Polypropylene Electroless and Polypropylene Fusion Type machines. Specialized skills, such as Orbital and Infrared Welding, are both fundamental and highly sought-after skills in the water treatment industry. AWS is one of the few companies in the industry to invest substantially in the necessary training and certification of workers.